View Max ISO certificate

We are all aware of how important is the quality of objects we use everyday. Hence, the greater should be the care of the quality of vehicle equipment items such as mirrors, which serve our security. Mirrors can not only look like part of the first installation, but must ensure a high comfort, and most importantly safety.

From high-quality mirrors it is required to ensure transparent and as broad as possible picture of the situation on the road behind and beside our car. It is important that not only the mirror glass was of high quality, but also all the materials used to manufacture the body of the mirror.

As usual in such cases, the most important details are not necessarily apparent at first glance. Depending on the application, each mirror must be manufactured from suitable plastic materials with suitable density and structure.

In a large part of the products it is necessary to apply a metal skeleton. Otherwise, the mirror will not be stable and the shaking while driving will smudge the image seen in the mirror. Similar in effects is bad and inaccurate fit of the individual elements. Too much slack in the joint body or the cartridge in the nest fixing the mirror cause that the mirror is not able to fulfill its function.

It is advisable to pay special attention to it because in recent years there has been a large number of mirrors from manufacturers who want to compete with commodities of much lower quality, whose lower price is achieved through savings influencing the quality of the product. As a result such mirrors are much lighter and less carefully made.

A common, bad solution is the glass fusing point to the filling of a mirror. At the time of the collision, the vehicle glass that is taped in the wrong way crashes, and the debris can seriously hurt the participants of the accident. However, appropriately fixed glass is bonded over its entire surface to the body of the mirror, so that even after breaking all its pieces remain in place without endangering.

View Max takes care of every detail and does not allow similar disruptive situation described above to appear, and no doubt it can be an example for other manufacturers to follow. All raw materials used in production are chosen in such a way so that the final product meets all the requirements, while the experienced factory workers take care of the quality at every stage of the production. After each process it is verified whether the product complies with the objectives of the project. Not to be underestimated is also rich and constantly growing machinery, whereas high-tech devices produce new elements with the greatest possible precision.