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Polcar, located in Warsaw, 19th Wejnerta st. (postcode 02-619) hereinafter referred to as Polcar, declares that this website, hereinafter referred to as the Website, is supported by Polcar PPH and may be used only as an information. Usage, including downloading and copying information materials, the User each time agrees to the conditions set out below. Lack of acceptance of these terms means that the User should immediately stop using the website.

This site contains graphic signs, logos, trademarks, information about goods, products, and others whose Polcar owns or has a license for their use. In this website may also be published the trademarks of third parties. User agrees not to use them without the prior written consent.

In particular, the User is not allowed to place these marks in the information materials, publications, websites and other forms of presentation, with content that violates the good name of the company Polcar or its products and services, intellectual property or other rights, or is in contradiction to Polish law, the law of User’s country or international law.

The entire contents of the Polcar PPH’s site: the design, layout, contents and graphics are an intellectual property of Polcar and are protected by law defined in the Act of Copyright and related acts, the industrial property laws, press laws and the Act of combating unfair competition. The materials at this site cannot be reproduced or used in part or in its entirety. None of the graphic signs (in particular logos), text, photographs, illustrations, sounds, animations, films and their layout in the Site, as well as catalogues, presentations and any other advertising materials and documents contained in the site may not be copied, transferred, processed, and modified for commercial purposes nor shared with third parties without Polcar’s explicit written consent. This website may contain photographs with copyrights that belong to third parties. Polcar authorizes User to display the site and use of its content only for his personal, noncommercial, internal use, unless Polcar gives special power in writing or such powers arise from the conditions given by Polcar’s license attached to material which the license relates. This authorization / license does not mean the transfer of ownership of the materials or their copies, and is subject to the following restrictions:

- User must keep / put on all copies of downloaded materials an information about all copyrights and other proprietary restrictions
  contained in the materials,
- User is not allowed to modify / change the materials, reproduce, display, distribute, and use them in any way for public
  or commercial purposes,
- User may not transfer the materials to other person.

User is obliged to comply with any additional restrictions currently displayed on the website. These restrictions may be changed.

Programs and other applications, instructions, certificates, and other files and folders published on the Site are protected by law. User is aware of and agrees that the programs, files and folders are subject to the license agreement, terms of use, accompanying or attached to them.
Programs, files and folders are available for download only to those Users, who have accepted the license agreement or terms of use, if any have been introduced. User is not allowed in any way to distribute or otherwise make available programs, files or folders to a third party, neither violate any rights relating to them.

It is stipulated that the User has no rights to carry out the modifications, to create derivative elements, translations, distribution, or violations of codes of available programs, files or folders. This applies to all other materials contained on the website and the website itself.

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Website may contain links to other Internet sites owned by distinct entities. Polcar does not control the content of such websites or links contained on them and is not responsible for the content put up there.
Links put up on the Website do not imply that Polcar: endorses, sponsors, is associated with the owner of the website (to which the link is put up on the Website) or is legally authorized to use trademarks, brands, logos or copyright marks shown on the website, to which the link leads.

In the fullest extent permitted by the law in force, the User accepts and acknowledges that Polcar is not reliable for any damages that may arise or have arisen in connection with the use or inability to use the Site and any other sites to which there are links contained in this Site. These rules also apply to e-mail messages received from User or sent by Polcar. Limitation of responsibility applies particularly to possible errors, interruptions, computer viruses, failures or data loss. Polcar is not responsible for lost profits due to situations described in these terms.

User is fully responsible for the use of this Website. If User causes by deliberate action the disruption of operation of Website or systems transmitting it to other users – will cover all costs associated with the removal of the damages resulting from the acts committed.

Despite efforts of Polcar, materials available on the Website may contain inaccuracies, slips of the tongue, mistakes or omissions. Polcar does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of published content / materials, and may at any time, without warning, make any corrections / modifications to this website, materials, information, programs, services. Polcar may at any time change, suspend or interrupt an operation of any part of present Site.

Polcar may at any time revoke the license or rights granted in these terms. In this case, User must immediately destroy any materials downloaded from the Website.

The law applicable to the evaluation of these entries is the Polish law. Regardless of the possible difference between the law in force in Poland and in the territory of residency of the User, to resolve disputes that may arise in connection with using of present website by User or observance by User present terms is a court of law competent for the seat of Polcar PPH.